Anitya - Metaverse Platform

The metaverse and the new digital social spaces: how to lower the barrier of entry for organizations and creators?
The challenge:

We are going through a great transition from web2 to web3. With this new iteration of the web to more interactive websites, creators and organizations of all sizes face the challenge to access easy-to-use tools to create, gamify, and tokenize immersive multiplayer worlds. In light of this, there is a great need for new infrastructure that can lower the barriers of entry and help this process to be more accessible.

Our approach:

Through a series of different user validation processes with several organizations and conducting comprehensive user research with independent creators, we assured our observation of the major pain points and market opportunities. 

The key insight:

Even though the metaverse and web3 might first be perceived as a series of technological tools, their relevance also relies on how communities can be leveraged through interactive  experiences. This offers new opportunities for creators, brands and organizations to engage with their audiences in immersive ways, while integrating the power of incentive of a token economy such as NFTs. 

The outcome:

1 . We assembled a dedicated team to develop: 

  • a set of customizable digital worlds and tools, essential and advanced, to lower the barrier of entry to the metaverse and web3 for non-technical users.
  •  a community of mutual support, where developers, artists, creators, organizations, and different agents of social change can help each other and benefit from the value created within the entire community.

2. We collected a significant amount of data to reaffirm our decision-making process  and set a common ground to not only continue iterating the product but also to better help organizations with their web3 transition.

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