Foodculture days

A sensorial biennale in the wake of Covid: how to transform an art, ecology and society art festival into a digital experience?
The Challenge

To create a hybrid on and offline biennale, which connected people across a broader community, whilst maintaining the liveness of foodculture days’ past.

Our Approach

The foodculture days team is small, but mighty. The biennale is co-curated under the resilient leadership of Margaux Schwab, Tali Serruya and Valentina Davenia.


Based in Vevey, a magnetic town on the shore of the Geneva lake, the core of foodculture days is to be a platform, a catalyst for open discussions through artistic, political, social and ecological claims.


In the face of shifting times, restrictions and constrictions, the 2020 biennale was re-imagined to take place across two chapters:

  • Chapter 1:  “Only the crumbs shall be kept”: 36 sound projects presented on radio 40 in Vevey.

  • Chapter 2: From the forests’ ashes, a platform that unites the IRL and URL across a digital exhibition and online public program

For Chapter 2, we also developed two 3D environments featuring the work of different artists, specifically created for the online exhibition. Furthermore, utilizing a methodology developed with newkinco and, we co-curated fifteen online dialogues with the foodculture days team and facilitated by experts in different fields. The dialogues connected people across borders, continents and travel restrictions.

The outcome

Eleven IRL artistic actions across sites in Vevey, Switzerland. Seven exclusively only digital artworks. Two 3D environments were especially created for the biennale. Fifteen online dialogues to connect the international community. A super neat digital platform where all this could co-exist.

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