Green Sauce

How can we facilitate connection and diversity in a digital-first world?
The Challenge

To develop an online format to foster cultural exchange between teens aged 16-19 years old. To propel curiosity in the German culture and language. To create an online community from scratch.

Our approach

How can cultural institutions thrive in digital environments and connect with their communities to drive positive exchange? How to nurture cultural interactions between teenagers in virtual spaces and in a seamless way?

With this in mind, we worked hand by hand with Goethe-Institut to come up with Green Sauce, an online cooking show. First live-streamed in December 2020, the show connected influencers, their followers and the audience of the cultural institution, encouraging participation and cultural diversity.

Green Sauce relies on widely spread social media channels to facilitate engagement and also recognizes the cultural value of cuisine, which can capture ancestral traditions, stories and perspectives at the core of a community.

In the first episode, the young TikTok and Instagram influencers Tilly, Max and Harvey Mills connected with a selection of participants to prepare a German dish. The YouTube viewers could also take part from their homes, following the instructions and a previously shared list of easy-to-find ingredients.

Green Sauce further evolved with three more episodes and a slight change in the format. In the other shows, we connected young talent both from Germany and the UK and, following the instructions of the young chef Judah London. 

  • Format design and realization
  • Content creation
  • Channel development
  • Online event production
  • Project Management
  • Community activation

The outcome
  • A live-streamed cooking show where young influencers, selected participants and the wide audience get to learn about each by preparing a simple dish together.

  • An immediate connection between Goethe-Institut and a digital-first audience, where the mission of cultivating inclusiveness and diversity was easily communicated by a simple and rewarding activity, such as cooking.

  • The creation of a powerful and positive bond inside the online community, where the influencers are the driving force that promotes and gives light to new sensitivities.

  • An easy-to-implement format with an engaging design, based on existing and easily accessible channels to keep the focus on the leverage of participation and interaction.

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