How to create a 3D generative NFT collection with multilayered utility and community incentives?
The challenge:

The explosive popularization of NFTS in just a few months opened the playing field to digital artists and also to the possibility of financing projects independently. The NFTs are not only able to achieve something that digital art has been seeking for decades, validating digital media in the traditional art market, but also brought a new way of distributing the value and ownership of those projects among community members.

As a way to reward early community members and express the brand through a digital artistic project, we created a generative art collection that enabled us to increase the interest in Anitya and supplemented it with tiered benefits.

Our approach:

The consistency of the project should have two well-defined aspects: on the one hand, to create a collection of NFTs that had artistic value, that reflected the essence of the project and that took full advantage of the digital format, and, on the other hand, that could be initially affordable, so that more people could get involved and grow with the project.

We worked with an artist that had both the artistic and technical capabilities to face this challenge and supported his creative process involving an art curator, who could contextualize the artwork within the broader art world. In turn, we matched them with NFT experts who added their vast experience integrating meta-data and designing a multilayerd utility for the collection.

The key insight:

Choosing generative art as the process gave us the possibility of producing NFTs in volume to ensure a relatively low market price and hence open the door to greater participation. If NFTs are the medium of exchange in the crypto world, generative art is the method to popularize access to both collecting and distributing web3 projects ownership. And, beyond the quality of the art itself, the true value of the NFTs lies on its utility, by which the owners can obtain clear benefits both in the digital or physical world.

The outcome:
  1. A collection of 11,500 unique generative art NFTs, Life Forms 001, encapsulating Anitya's central thesis of existential impermanence. Each NFT is a vibrant offspring and a fragment of a certain combination of shape, texture and color – holding unique data of the whole system.

  1. A reliable launch program, with the first objective of creating a healthy community, followed by the establishment of common benefits - both for the members and for the project - and finally raising the necessary funding to continue developing Anitya.

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