Moments Matter & Dialogues for Action

Rethinking a community structure to create environmental impact
The challenge:

To support the community team within EIT Climate-KIC to structure and scale their current system and allow them to continue engaging a growing number of individuals and organisations.

Our approach

The Community Team within EIT Climate-KIC had been working on how to aggregate and support a global movement towards climate action, by means of lowering the barriers of entry for any project or initiative, and connecting grassroots civil actions to key institutional change makers.

Within this framework and along with the team, we set up a collection of objectives and key results that would unroll over 2020. Through online collaboration tools, biweekly personalized meetings and coaching exercises based on our kinship 4 steps approach, the refreshed internal collaborative infrastructure could refine its scope and impel the 2020 programme.

  • Thinkers in Residency: a series of online weekly meetings for a wide spectrum of initiatives committed with EIT Climate-KIC’s mission, focused on sharing documentation, visions and perspectives, and empowered by methodologies to become self-organized. 

  • Moments Matter: a research platform and an aggregator of moments related to climate innovation, allowing users to sync events and instagram posts, find other users, create moments and host online conferences.

  • Dialogues for Action: a format of quarterly online gatherings based on a single question, with the purpose of exploring the possibilities of dialogue as a source of online collaboration. The first question, expanded in 40 dialogues, was: 

"How can we shape a post-crisis scenario with a fresh narrative?"


-Organizational design, based on collaborative tools and unique methodologies

-Facilitation and activation of Thinkers in residency

-Brand guideline and identity of Moments Matters platform

-Development and project management of the Moments Matter platform

-Dynamization of Moments Matters community

-Curation, technical production and delivery of the Dialogues for Action format

The outcome
  • Amplification of EIT Climate-KIC purpose and visibility, validation of their mission and vision within the community, and new engagement of like-minded communities.

  • A tailored, functional and collaborative structure for the Community Team within EIT Climate-KIC, which improved their capacity to self-organize and boost effective digital communication between them, with their partners and the community.

  • Successful initiation of the Thinkers in Residency programme, including a 4 day digital sprint that connected more than 20 initiatives through facilitation methodologies and exercises.

  • Definition and fine tuning of the scope and target of the Moments Matter project, easing the creation of a network of 1500 users with 460 registered profiles, coming from 45 countries and 91 cities, and who produced 92 user-generated events.

  • Expansion of EIT Climate-KIC’s outreach through the Dialogues for Action online gatherings, which activated and machtmaked 270 innovators across 40 dialogues during 2 days. 
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