Perpetual Beta: Harnessing New Technologies to Foster Talent and Global Connectivity

How can new technologies help boost talent in large organizations and help international teams to stay connected?
The challenge:

Large organizations face ongoing challenges in keeping their international teams connected. Disconnection among team members can lead to the loss of potential talent and missed opportunities. Moreover, continuous technological advancements require organizations to not only keep pace but also redefine their methods of maintaining regular contact through various channels.

In this context, the Goethe-Institut sought innovative ways to organize their global internal festival, Perpetual Beta. The project aimed to experiment with immersive spaces, providing attendees with collective digital experiences while facilitating meetings with other team members in smaller groups.

Our approach:

Having closely collaborated with various Goethe-Institut locations and headquarters in recent years, we gained valuable insights into their needs. Our approach involved assembling a cross-functional team comprising members from different disciplines and locations, including project promoters and technical experts.

Understanding the organization's requirements, including security and protocol considerations typical in large organizations, we developed multiple digital spaces for various types of presentations and media formats. Close collaboration with speakers and panelists ensured alignment with the event's objectives.

The key insight:

In the realm of digital events, immersive spaces can complement a robust event program, offering diverse activities and experimental content. Open participation and an inclusive approach involving key stakeholders are essential for success. For large international teams, finding common ground and facilitating entry and participation across channels are crucial.

The outcome:

The result was a co-curated metaverse section within Goethe-Institut’s internal 24-hour festival, Perpetual Beta. Hosted in captivating 3D spaces, the event featured live-streamed conversations with experts, DJ sessions, audiovisual performances, podcasts, and movie screenings.

Our participatory approach enabled continuous feedback gathering, allowing us to deeply understand the needs of organizers, speakers, and participants. This tailored approach ensured the event successfully met the institution’s goals.

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