World of Us

How can video games foster social inclusion and be a participatory tool to share decolonized and ecological narratives for kids?
The challenge:

Tales of Us is a non-profit multi-media production company that creates platforms and experiences for storytellers to address critical global issues. The multiple award-winning initiative was looking for new ways to interact directly with its audiences, kids and teenagers between 7 and 12 years old, and their guardians, aiming to actively including their insights in their educational program about different mythologies, decolonization, and ecologies.

Our approach:

Instead of a top-down or focused-on-the-end-results approach, the goal was to engage in an iterative process and to foster direct participation and engagement. The focus was not in playing but in co-creating, building video games with kids from non-priviledged environments in Brazil, Congo and Romania. Besides, the goal was also to give voice to local storytellers by developing metaverse spaces to help them express their localities.

The key insight:

A co-creative development benefits both from the content expertise and an architectural approach to how a 3D environment can be used to showcase different kind of media.

The outcome:
  1. Two minigames developed in collaboration with Afro Games (Rio de Janeiro), the world's first training center for e-Sports athletes in slums.
  2. A multimedia world in beta, reflecting the history of the organization and engaging kids in an interactive workshop.
  3. Valuable user feedback and insights to build the pillars for the next iteration phase.

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